Assist Container Project Volunteers

Columbia Container Project recently received a request from Rainbow Network for 50 cases of printer paper and 120 ink cartridges (HP 61).  These resources will be used in 111 villages of Nicaragua for Rainbow Network’s ministries of education, housing, nutrition and healthcare, and economic development.  Our MUMC Container Project volunteers have already purchased 10 cases of paper and 10 ink cartridges.  They invite MUMC families and small groups to help reach the goal.  Paper and ink will be included in the next container shipment.   Checks may be written to MUMC and designated “Container Project”; or items may be purchased and delivered to the PET Warehouse, 1908 Heriford Rd., Columbia 65202.  Paper is available at Office Depot. $29.99 per case.  Refilled ink cartridges are available at The Ink Factory, 2609 E. Broadway, Suite 212, $6 per cartridge.   Both places have the PET tax exempt number (which includes Container Project) so tell them this is for PET to be tax exempt.


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