Aug. 16: Festival of Sharing Collection

Members of Sophia Circle will be in the Connector on Sunday morning, Aug. 16 to collect monetary donations for our final Festival of Sharing Kit of 2015. They will collect money to purchase beans and rice for food pantries across Missouri. Money received will be given to the Festival of Sharing Office to purchase bulk rice and beans which are delivered to Sedalia and to ShareFest sites around the state. Rice is purchased from Missouri farmers. Beans come from the nearest processing warehouse.  Last year, 20,000 lbs. of beans were distributed and there were requests for more than twice that amount. Thank you for all of your donations to the Festival of Sharing Kits. We will soon be reporting how many kits of each type that we have purchased and taken to the FOS warehouse from MUMC. --June DeWeese, Kari Dowell and Nancy Skouby, Sophia Circle


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