Consider a Heifer Intl. Gift

Sunday mornings, Nov 30 and Dec 7, volunteers for Heifer International will host an alternate gift table in the Connector.  The mission of Heifer International is "to work with communities to overcome hunger and care for the earth."  This year, 2014, is Heifer's 70th anniversary; more than 20 million families in 125 countries have been empowered to become self-reliant through Heifer's assistance with animals and training.  Each recipient family becomes a donor family as they "pass on the gift" of the first animal offspring to assist another family.   
The congregation is invited to consider honoring loved ones with a gift of an animal or share of an animal, for example, a goat or a hive of bees, a water buffalo or camel.  Such a gift will make a life changing difference for the family who receives it.  The Heifer Alternate Gift Table will provide gift catalogs and honor cards for easy Christmas shopping.

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