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The Memorial Prayer Garden, located in the courtyard of Missouri United Methodist Church, is sacred ground. Throughout history the church has marked our new birth by baptism and our entrance into eternity by burial. The garden holds the names and the memories of those dear to us who have gone before. It keeps a history of individuals who have gone before. It keeps a history of individuals and family names and tells a story of our church. As a living-growing memorial, it cycles the ongoing flow of life and death. This garden placed in the mainstream of church life is a witness to the Christian concept of death and resurrection.

A permanent marker bearing the name, date of birth and date of death of those whose ashes are buried in the garden is placed on plaque on the church's outside wall. These names are also recorded in a Memory Book located in a display case in the narthex for Whittler Hall. The Memorial Prayer Garden is open to all church members, former members, ministers, former ministers and their families. The funds collected from a suggested donation of $500 is used to establish and maintain the garden, and become a living memorial to the continuing life of our congregation.

For more information about the Memorial Prayer Garden, please contact the church office at or 573-443-3111.

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