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    A ministry of United Methodist Women of Missouri UMC

United Methodist Women (UMW) has 15 small groups, all of which reflect the UMW purpose. However, the groups vary in emphasis. Some groups are more focused on education for mission, some on supportive fellowship, and others stress hands-on mission projects.  All of the small groups welcome new members. The Unit is also open to forming new circles and/or interest groups as requested. For more information contact: Virginia Wiegand, UMW membership chair at vmwiegand@aol.com

Hands-on Mission Projects

These UMW small groups focus more on hands-on mission projects. When they gather they keep their hands busy and their minds busy planning the next project. Some groups knit or quilt, some gather supplies for mission and some sew for the church.  All these groups try to find ways to provide for the needs of God’s people with tangible things. Part of our DNA from the original mission societies our foremothers founded is pledging and raising money to carry Christ’s love to disadvantaged women and children.

Groups: Esther Circle, Sophia Circle, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Chicks With Sticks, Quilters

Supportive Fellowship

These small UMW groups emphasize supportive fellowship in their time together. This may be expressed in shared devotional time and praying for each other, in conversation over food, in an active, caring ministry, holding each other in sorrow and in celebrating life together. Each group tries to creatively support each other as Christian women.

Groups: Bratton-Cunningham Circle, Breakfast Circle, Eagle Online Circle, Gibson Circle, Val’s Circle, Stallings Circle

Fundraising for Missions

Several of the small groups participate in projects that raise funds for missions. These groups rely on the support and generosity of the church community to meet their mission goals.

Groups: Breakfast Group Circle, Searcy-Feely Circle, Sophia Circle, Val’s Circle


Several of the UMW small groups focus on educating themselves and others on the needs of women and children and on the efforts to minister to those persons. These groups read, have educational programs, host guest speakers or go on field trips to expand their concepts of mission.

Groups: Gibson, Searcy-Feely Circle, Val’s Circle, Wesley Circle, Monday Evening Book Club, MUMC Book Club

Give us a call.  We want to get to know you.

  • Sally Marble, Membership Chair, will gladly shepherd you to one or more of our small groups.
  • June DeWeese, Vice President
  • Diana Revelle, Communications and Newsletter Coordinator, can add you to the newsletter email list.
  • Georgia Nolph, President, will gladly chat with you about UMW involvement.
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