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Submitted by Teressa on Wednesday, August 5

An Exploration Project Pulpit Supply Fellow is seeking a volunteer musician (preferably a pianist or guitarist) to help lead worship once a month in a small rural congregation near Rocheport, Mo. This person would assist with worship the first Sunday of each month. Anyone interested should please contact Meghan Hatcher at meghaneld@gmail.com for additional information. Thank you!

Submitted by Teressa on Wednesday, August 5

Members of Sophia Circle will be in the Connector on Sunday morning, Aug. 16 to collect monetary donations for our final Festival of Sharing Kit of 2015. They will collect money to purchase beans and rice for food pantries across Missouri. Money received will be given to the Festival of Sharing Office to purchase bulk rice and beans which are delivered to Sedalia and to ShareFest sites around the state. Rice is purchased from Missouri farmers. Beans come from the nearest processing warehouse.  Last year, 20,000 lbs. of beans were distributed and there were requests for more than twice that amount. Thank you for all of your donations to the Festival of Sharing Kits. We will soon be reporting how many kits of each type that we have purchased and taken to the FOS warehouse from MUMC. --June DeWeese, Kari Dowell and Nancy Skouby, Sophia Circle

Submitted by Teressa on Monday, April 20

For two years a local woodworker, legally blind, has been building student desks for Rainbow Network schools in Nicaragua.  On April 9 and 10, MUMC members, Anne Gifford, Judy Parsons, and Cleo Kottwitz saw the desks being used: some classes were meeting uder trees; others on porches; some in actual class rooms. The desks were greatly appreciated by teachers and students. Rainbow Network is requesting 200 more desks!  This is a great "hands-on" mission opportunity for MUMC woodworkers! Call or go by the PET Warehouse, 1908 Heriford Rd., 573-886-7877 for desk plans.

Submitted by Teressa on Wednesday, April 15

Haiti Clean Water Team silent auction starts this Sunday the 19th in the connector. Concluding next Sunday the 26th! (Held during church approx. 8:30-12:30)

Photo credit: Sean Soendker Nicholson, taken on Haiti mission trip

Submitted by Teressa on Wednesday, April 15

Services for Independent Living is seeking wonderful volunteers to assist with mowing local senior’s lawns. Volunteers who are able to transport their own lawn mower as well as those who do not are encouraged to apply. Please contact Katie Derrick @ 573-874-1646 or kderrick@silcolumbia.org for more information.

Submitted by Teressa on Friday, January 30

A family in Washington State has offered a $25,000 challenge grant to Rainbow Network.  Any new gift to Rainbow Network before March 31, will be matched up to $25,000.   Based in Springfield, MO (founded by United Methodist businessman, Keith Jaspers) Rainbow Network serves in 111 remote rural villages in Nicaragua.  A gift of $4000 will provide materials for a community to build a new house; $5000 will provide a well for clean, healthy water for a village; $30 per month will enable a youth to attend high school (currently 1,000 students are receiving scholarships).  Gifts of all sizes are appreciated.  To contribute or for more information, go to www.rainbownetwork.org or call 417-889-8088.  Cleo Kottwitz and Judy Parsons will join a “go and see” Rainbow Network study tour, April 8-12, and they invite other MUMC members to go along; for  information go to: www.goandsee.org.

Submitted by Teressa on Friday, December 5
Dr. Will Moore, M.D., will be leading a group of doctors and nurses in a one week medical mission trip to Nicaragua, Feb 8-15, 2015.  They will work in rural village clinics alongside Rainbow Network doctors and nurses.  Based in Springfield, MO., Rainbow Network is at work in 111 villages assisting them to secure improved housing, economic development, education, nutrition, and health care.  There are 7 full time M.Ds. who travel from village to village to conduct regular healthcare clinics.  Dr. Moore has been leading medical VIM groups to assist in their ministry for many years.  For more information please contact:  william.moore@coxhealth.com.  To learn more about Rainbow Network, go to:  www.rainbownetwork.org.
Submitted by Teressa on Friday, December 5
Sunday mornings, Nov 30 and Dec 7, volunteers for Heifer International will host an alternate gift table in the Connector.  The mission of Heifer International is "to work with communities to overcome hunger and care for the earth."  This year, 2014, is Heifer's 70th anniversary; more than 20 million families in 125 countries have been empowered to become self-reliant through Heifer's assistance with animals and training.  Each recipient family becomes a donor family as they "pass on the gift" of the first animal offspring to assist another family.   
Submitted by Teressa on Friday, December 5

Our partner in education, Jefferson Middle School, would like to provide a Coffee Shop in their library for their Reading Day, Friday Dec. 19.  We are in need of the following:

Donations of donut holes or cookies

Barista volunteers - two for each of the following shifts:

7:45 - 10:00

10:00 - 12:15

12:15 - 2:45


Please contact Ann Merrifield at amerrifield@ccis.edu with your donation of time or food.

Submitted by Teressa on Friday, November 7

Columbia Container Project recently received a request from Rainbow Network for 50 cases of printer paper and 120 ink cartridges (HP 61).  These resources will be used in 111 villages of Nicaragua for Rainbow Network’s ministries of education, housing, nutrition and healthcare, and economic development.  Our MUMC Container Project volunteers have already purchased 10 cases of paper and 10 ink cartridges.  They invite MUMC families and small groups to help reach the goal.  Paper and ink will be included in the next container shipment.   Checks may be written to MUMC and designated “Container Project”; or items may be purchased and delivered to the PET Warehouse, 1908 Heriford Rd., Columbia 65202.  Paper is available at Office Depot. $29.99 per case.  Refilled ink cartridges are available at The Ink Factory, 2609 E. Broadway, Suite 212, $6 per cartridge.   Both places have the PET tax exempt number (which includes Container Project) so tell them this is for PET to be tax exempt.


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