Lateral Thinking

By Fred Leist, Lead Pastor

You may have never heard of Edward De Bono. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and is the founder of the “Edward De Bono Thinking School.” He made quite a name for himself, traveling around the world giving seminars and training people how to think more creatively. He is a proponent of something he calls “lateral thinking.”

Basically, he believes that no matter how good you think you are at tackling a problem or dealing with a difficult challenge, you should rarely face a problem head-on. Instead, he proposes that you should first step back and survey the bigger situation, looking for alternative possibilities. For De Bono, lateral thinking is thinking outside-the-box. Instead of moving head-long into a situation, take a deep breath, step back, move sideways, widen your lens, until you see a new door…a way forward, that nobody suspected was open.

Why do I bring this up? Because, this Sunday we are going to look at one of Jesus’ best known and most beloved stories. We know it as the parable of the Good Samaritan. It is an excellent example of how Jesus sought to shed new light on a troubling situation, not by tackling the issue head-on, but by making a lateral move that totally caught his audience by surprise. In the process, he opens our eyes to seeing ourselves…and our neighbors, in a totally different light.

We continue our journey to the Cross this weekend with the message, “QUESTIONS ON THE CROSSROAD: Who is my Neighbor?” I promise that our time in worship together will challenge us deeply and offer new insights on our call to more fully follow Jesus. See you Sunday.

Marshall Byler

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