The Gospel According to Forrest Gump

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. In worship we are going to explore how to embrace an “…and then some” attitude with regards to life and faith. The message, grounded in Jesus’ teaching on going the “extra mile” in Luke 6:27-38, will make the case that we are called, as followers of Jesus to go beyond the expected, beyond the mere minimal, beyond normal human inclination in our commitments and in our relationships. 


We are called to love people unconditionally (illustrated by Forrest’s life-long relationship with Jenny), live life generously (illustrated by Forrest’s unselfish relationship with Bubba Brown), and trust God unreservedly (illustrated by Forrest’s relationship with Lt. Dan). Those of you who are Forrest Gump fans are probably already rehearsing in your minds memorable scenes from this iconic movie. And we’re going to show several of them as a way of highlighting the main message points. 


There will be an obvious Memorial Day tie-in that will be lifted up during our time together as well. It will be a great day in worship. To quote Forrest Gump: “Some people don’t think miracles happen…well, they do.” So, if you’re in town on Memorial Day weekend, I hope to see you this Sunday. Maybe we’ll see a miracle or two as we worship together in the presence of God.

Marshall Byler

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