A Message from Your LEAD Team

During the August 28th meeting the MUMC Lead Team reaffirmed and clarified two earlier decisions, both related to the missional focus of our congregation. We offer this as a summary:

1) We are staying the course on the decision regarding sales in the Connector. The Connector, being the first and most visible place of entry for both members and visitors, is to be a place of mission, information and discussion. Therefore, no sales will take place in the Connector on Sunday, nor will sales take place in the Connector during weddings or funeral services.

Note: The previous decision to discontinue the parlor as an alternative location for sales, effective 12/31/2016, has been reconsidered. As a result, the parlor will now be available for church related sales events, with scheduling being coordinated through the church office.

2) The Lead Team affirmed unanimously that the mission of the 9:15 Contemporary Service is to be a family-friendly worship experience designed to have special appeal to younger adults, young families with children, and all who are seeking a truly contemporary Christian musical flavor, especially those who aren't here yet. The Praise Band will be the team that leads in worship and provides musical direction for that service.

In keeping with the original plan when Tim Coday, our Director of Music, was hired, Tim has built the team that is leading worship at the Contemporary Service. The baton of direct leadership has now been passed to Meyer and Meaghan Neel. Tim will continue to offer support, counsel and resourcing, as needed, for the Contemporary Service.

Note: We also offer unqualified support for the mission of our two vital traditional worship experiences that are offered at MUMC each Sunday morning.